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You need more than equipment, you need a professional Lithium-ion battery products provider with over 10 years of experience in the field to build your brand and grow your profits.
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Let global lithium ion battery companies use the most cost-effective air purifier.

SunWell has been a professional manufacturer of Lithium-ion Battery Products manufacturing based in Foshan, China, since 2012.
We Focus on R&D, production, and integration of non-standard or standard automation equipment, accessories, etc., based on customer needs. Especially in manufacturing Lithium-ion Battery Products in the air purifiers industry, parts assembly, voltage stability, machine stability, and circuit protection, we have muscular technical strength and rich experience in Manufacturing. Tusson strives for the survival by quality, development by service, and always adheres to the tenet of abiding by contracts and keeping promises.


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With years of manufacturing experience, we have the most complete Lithium Ion Battery Products production supply chain in the world, providing our customers with cost-effective products with complete manufacturing equipment, manufacturing management, and automated production solutions.

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Sunwell, We manufacture lithium batteries (LiFePO4)as well as lithium energy storage products for many kinds of applications.

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SunWell can provide you with Lithium Ion Battery Products that perform well, in addition to custom-made or OEM ODM JDM Lithium Ion Battery Products of your brand.


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